"Friends of FMC Foundation's" mission is to help ensure the continuing quality of local healthcare services for our community.
"Friends Helping Friends"

Friends of FMC Foundation: Was organized to assist the Fallon Medical Complex. The Foundation is just that, it is a non-profit organization funded by donations. Friends of FMC Foundation assist with projects in Fallon Medical Hospital. We have had a lot of donations and each contributor is recognized with their name on the Donor Honor Wall in the hospital. This nonprofit organization is doing a lot to help out financially for Fallon Medical Complex. Yes, contributions from Baker Alumni Students would be great. This is a very good & solid foundation. Some people have left a portion of their estate to Friends of FMC Foundation in their will, while others have contributed a lump some or so much per month. If you are interested in making a contribution contact Karol Zachmann at the phone # and address below.

Karol Zachmann
Friends of FMC Foundation
P.O. Box 820
Baker, Montana 59313
(406) 778-5116